UK spies can hack your Smartphone with just 1 Text message in matter of Second; says Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the name which does not need any
Introduction as everyone is aware of him and thankful for bringing out the
Hidden Secret of Intelligent agency for Snowden has been charged by the US govt
with espionage. The whistleblower is back again to Blow out some hidden Secret
and this time it is related to your precious Smartphone…..

The world’s spying agencies have tools that allow them to
take over smartphones with just a text message, according to Edward Snowden,
and there is “very little” that their owners can do to stop it, said Edward.
British spies can hack into phones remotely with a simple
text message and make audio recordings or take photos without owners knowing,
former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said. 

“They want to own your phone instead of you,” the whistleblower said
in an interview with the BBC’s Panorama programme, referring to Britain’s
Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) agency.
Snowden claimed that GCHQ used a series of interception
tools called “Smurf Suite”, after the blue cartoon characters, The

“Nosey Smurf” enabled spies to switch on a smartphone’s microphone
even if the phone was off, he claimed.

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Other programmes used by GCHQ were nicknamed “Tracker Smurf” and
“Dreamy Smurf”, which allows phones to be switched on and off
remotely, Snowden said.

He said the text message sent by GCHQ to gain access to the phone would not be
noticed by its owner. “It’s called an ‘exploit’,” he said. 

“Tracker Smurf is a geo-location tool which allows
[GCHQ] to follow you with a greater precision than you would get from the
typical triangulation of cellphone towers.”
“When it arrives at your phone it’s hidden from you. It
doesn’t display. You paid for it but whoever controls the software owns the
phone,” he added.
Once inside a phone, spooks can find out “who you call,
what you’ve texted, the things you’ve browsed, the list of your contacts, the
places you’ve been, the wireless networks that your phone is associated
with” Snowden suggested.
“And they can do much more,” he added.
Beware of iPhone: Snowden lawyer said that the whistleblower
doesn’t use an iPhone because it “has special software that can activate itself
without the owner having to press a button and gather information about him,
that’s why on security grounds he refused to have this phone”.

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The UK government declined to comment. All this happen in
matter of Seconds. The government believes Mr Snowden has caused great damage
to the intelligence agencies’ ability to counter threats to national security.

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