Xiaomi Introduces Ninebot Mini, the most coolest thing you can ever buy for $315

Xiaomi had announced a different product but at a same time a
rather interesting product at today’s conference in China. Well the tech toys
lover would definitely love this product from Xiaomi. Ninebot Mini is the name
of this tech toy from Xiaomi.

The Ninebot mini is a
two-wheeled self-balancing scooter developed in partnership with Segway. As previously
these two companies had tied-up to bring out the new innovation to this World
fairly called as “Ninebot Mini” 

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According to Xiaomi company VP Hugo Barra, the Ninebot mini
can work with surfaces with a gradient of up to 15-degrees. It is made up of Super-strong
magnesium alloy structure for tough-phability. The device weighs 12.8kg so hit
the gym before you buy it, but still it would be not so difficult to take it on
your back to the charging station when it’s get ran out of battery. 
The Ninebot mini will take you upto 22km in one single
charge, not only this the Ninebot mini can do speeds of up to 16km/h, and the
controlling comes with the help of your legs which is something extraordinary that
too for Rs 20,000 ($314)

Additionally: The scooter comes with automatic running
lights and LED taillights. While Front running lights automatically illuminate
and you can adjust the brightness according to the ambient light irradiation
distances of up to 5 meters. It is equipped with two blue LED taillights, red
brake lights turn on during deceleration and yellow light comes on while you
are relaxing.

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The best part is that you can control this mini scooter via
your Smartphone, you can adjust speed, it does also notify the faults on your
smartphone and the good part is this you can lock your Scooter via Smartphone. 
Xiaomi also providing you the safety gear for Rs 1700 ($25).
Xiaomi says it has the one of the easiest mechanism to ride with it. Don’t
worry that you can’t ride a bicycle. Ninebot mini uses gravity to activate and
achieves balance itself.

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