Now Buy Poweramp Full Version for only $0.50; Here’s the trick to Download it for Free ?

Poweramp doesn’t need any Introduction at all as it is a No.
1 music player and also being a long time favorite among the music lovers.
Whats make it more special? It’s a music player that offers so much more than
most of the manufacturers own, stock music apps that ship with phones.

Top of the list is that you get an equalizer and support for
just about every audio format you could want, including FLAC. We don’t need
much to say how powerful the poweramp, listen to what Reddit users has to say
about Poweramp 

I like the cross fade. Very hard to find an audio player
with it: By truecrisis

Idk about other ones, but turning up the base on Poweramp is
amazing: By icytiger

Power Amp is amazing; well worth the 5 dollars or so that I
paid for it years ago: By Chris

Top of the list is that you get an equalizer and support for
just about every audio format you could want, including FLAC. Poweramp also has
a pretty nifty customization thing going on with themes support. There’s a
whole host of third-party themes available to download through the Google Play
Store makes it fit in perfectly. 
The music player has big album artwork, clear, easy to use
controls and quick access to settings, albums, playlists and the equalizer. 
How to buy Poweramp
music player?

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  • Go to Google Play Store select poweramp app(here) click on
    the buy link for Rs 30 ($0.5)
  • Checkout with the buy link fill the form with credit card
    details (Note: Only Credit cards accepted) and bill will be delivered to your
    email address.
  • Other than if you face difficulty you can also use Redeem
    code and by chance if you don’t have it you can buy from Google Gift card(here)
    and from(here) for Indian users according to your usage
  • If you want earn extra Google credit you can use appKarmaRewards & Gift Cards for Free

Note: Those who grabbing
power amp also grab the Material theme from here 
How to get it Free?

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If you want to have the taste for best music player that too
for free than download & earn credits from Google Opinion Rewards (Note- Only for US and UK) 
Poweramp is still one of the absolute best Music player around.
It’s got something for everyone. Whether you just want an easy to use,
customizable music player or you want to tweak your sound and listen to
lossless music. Go get it now.

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