India bound Redmi Note 3 leaked and its much better than the China Version

Redme note 3, india launch, price

It looks like Xiaomi New Year is all about India, as per new
leak suggest more & more new Xiaomi device will launch in India without any
barrier of Ericsson patent issue including Redmi 3, Mi 5 and Newly Redmi Note 3
according to latest leak.

As we reported you about Redmi 3 and in less than 3 hours later
a newly Redmi Note 3 pop up, Wow making a double treat for Xiaomi fans. 
The New Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 leak suggest to be India bound
and this version is much better than China version, why is it so you’ll find
out further. As per leak images suggest there is no difference in terms of
Design as booth looks exactly same in design with Metal body along with a rear
fingerprint scanner

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The Changes lies in the performance, in the inner part along
with updated network modems. Xiaomi is back with Qualcomm and this time Redmi
Note 3 has hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor beating in the heart along with 2GB
Ram and not to forget bigger 4000mAh battery.
The best part is it has upgraded rear camera 16mp camera a
bump from 13mp camera in current Redmi Note 3 and Mi4C and we believe this
camera comes direct from unreleased Mi 5 who knows?
Secondly, the smartphone will also see huge network upgrade,
providing network modem for GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE, LTE FDD, WCDMA, CDMA
2000 networks in comparison to Mi4C and Redmi Note 3, a Global Version of Redmi
Note 3 is much better. What say?
While rest of feature is same as current Gen Redmi Note 3.  It could be price about Rs 10,000 ($151) It
would be launch along with Mi 5. Xiaomi is looking to target America also with
this device, Why is it so? Well it simple Xiaomi has lost the battle with
Huawei as Xiaomi fail to achieved its target of 100 million device as per
current counting Xiaomi end up with 70 million sale while Huawei achieved its
target for 100 million way before and now Xiaomi has realized that they couldn’t
achieved this target without the help of India so now they are targeting India
and China both equally. For more details like Mi Redmi Note 3 fb page

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