Sign the petition Let India Mi Fans try out the Redmi Note 3, a great initiative for the Change launch by Mi fans

Currently a Revolutionary moment going on among the Xiaomi
fans as the debate of launching Redmi Note 3 in India has now taken the
democratic change in the form of “Sign
the petition”
to Let India Mi Fans try out the Redmi Note 3.

It’s good to see that Mi fans has taken this initiative to
change thing according to them rather sitting idle and waiting for Xiaomi to
look into this matter. The petition has been filed by Swapnil Kolhe regards to
his love for Xiaomi Smartphone to Xiaomi head, Hugo Barra which goes like this 
Respected sir,
I’m one of the earliest Mi Fans in India and I own all the
devices that Xiaomi has launched here. They are all worth every penny I have
spent. Because of Mi India, I can get my favourite devices with the best
specifications available in the market within my budget. Everyone from my
family also uses Mi phones. Thanks for launching super cool Xiaomi devices in
Recently, on 24th November, 2015, Xiaomi launched the Redmi
Note 3 in China. Looking at the specifications of the device, I fell in love
with the Redmi Note 3, just like many Mi Fans in India and all over the world.
The first generation of the Redmi Note series is still awesome, but the Redmi
Note 3 is a tech wonder in itself. The new metal body design has made the
device slimmer and lighter, and the fingerprint sensor can unlock the device in
just 0.3 seconds. The 13 megapixel rear camera is well supported by Phase
Detection Autofocus Technology, and the front selfie cam has 36 smart beautify
profiles. The device also comes in two variants – 2GB and 3GB LPDDR3 RAM with
16 and 32 GB internal storage, respectively. All this is backed up by a massive
4000mAh battery. These specifications, combined with a highly customizable
MIUI7 and unbeatable price point, would tempt every gadget lover.

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This is an offer made by Xiaomi that no one can resist. But
it’s sad that the Redmi Note 3 is not in India. We also want this device in
India. We also want to experience the awesomeness of this device. Everyone will
agree with me that no other company can offer us such specifications in our
budget; only you can do so. Xiaomi always says that India is one of your most
important markets. Then why are we deprived of such a cutting-edge device? At
the very least, do let us core fans try out the Redmi Note 3 so that we can
prove to you that this product is a great fit for the Indian market.
What makes Xiaomi stand out is how the company always
listens to users and their demands. Sir, I’m a big fan of yours, I appreciate
your work and always look up to you as a role model. So I’m writing this letter
on behalf of all Mi Fans from India with the hope that you will listen to us.
I’m a loyal Mi Fan and always will be, but we Mi Fans in India seriously want
this device here desperately. Sir, please consider our wishes and take this
letter positively.

This can be a first time to see such a craze for Smartphone
that what Redmi Note 3 is capable of doing it. Further on till time of writing
around 293 people has already has signed up the petition while its ultimate
goal is to reach 5000 people in 10 days. 
Further on this petition will be forwarded to Xiaomi India
team in Bangalore including Hugo Barra, V.P, Xiaomi. This is the right time to
change something which you don’t like, be a part of this initiative and be a
part of change.

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