Smartphones Launching in 2016 which are Worth Waiting!

Smartphone 2016, launch, iPhone

The year 2015 has been a productive year for smartphones with
a host of new launches that thrilled Indian audiences to bits. From Xiaomi to
HTC to Gionee to Motorola, India saw an influx of smartphone players in the
market each ready to outshine the other with better specs and configuration at
a cheaper price. This competition will continue well into 2016 as well and
audiences are eagerly waiting with baited breath to know what the new year has
in store in terms of smartphones. You can check out new phone launches easily
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out amazing deals to help you get a brilliant new smartphone.

Check out these amazing phones that are all set to rock 2016
tech style:
Xiaomi Mi5
Xiaomi has seen tremendous popularity in India post its
success in the Chinese market and now Xiaomi is all set with the Mi5 Plus
launch which will surely be a whirlwind success. The phone will have a host of
upgrades. It’ll come with a 5.7 inch IPS LCD display which makes it extremely
addictive thanks to its 1440×2560 resolution. As for internals, it’ll be
powered by a Snapdragon 820 Quad Core 2.2 GHz Processor with a 4GB RAM which
surely sounds very impressive and powerful. It’ll be gifted with a 13MP primary
camera along with a 4MP secondary camera with 1080p giving you highly defined
selfies and photographs. With 64 GB internal memory and a 3500 mAh battery,
this phone already sounds like a winner!

Sony Xperia
Xperia phones have found a popular fan base in India which is
why Sony is all set to thrill its customers with the Xperia Z6.The phone is all
set to dazzle with its 5 inch 4K resolution which makes it absolutely
breath-taking. As for the internal specs, it’ll run on an Octa Core 3GHz
Processor along with a 4 or 5GB RAM which are going to make it truly mind
blowing. With a 27MP rotator camera sensor, the Xperia Z6 sure sounds like a
game changer. It’s not just waterproof and dustproof but shockproof as well. It
supports 128GB memory storage capacity which makes it all the more likeable.
With a full 4K screen and a Type C USB port, it’s surely setting new standards!

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iPhone 7

After the tremendous success of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone
6S Plus, Apple is all set for its newer offering- the iPhone 7. The phone will
run on an upgraded A10 Chipset with the option to support e-SIM cards for a
more futuristic appeal. It’s rumoured to be the thinnest and strongest phone
Apple is yet to offer. In order to do so, Apple might give up the earphone jack
altogether and enable earphone connectivity via Bluetooth or a lightning port.
Apart from this, it’s rumoured to have a reversible USB charger making it all
the more functional. With such exciting features, one can hardly wait for the
iPhone 7 to hit stores and in the mean time you can check out amazon coupons to redeem
great deals on existing iPhones and Apple products. 

HTC M10 is an eagerly waiting phone by smartphone enthusiasts
and HTC fans. The phone is all set to amaze with its features which includes a
Full HD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 leaving you addicted. It’ll run
on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset along with a 4GB RAM for stunning speed
and performance. It has two options of supporting 64GB memory as well as 128GB
memory depending on your requirement. A 27MP camera adorns the back of the
phone giving you crisp and clear results as far as photographs are concerned.
With a 3500mAh battery back-up, this phone is surely going to win your heart!

Be sure to get your hands on these brilliantly futuristic
phones that will redefine the way we interact with technology around us!

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