Video: Mercedes C-Class takes on Mahindra XUV500 in busy Highway Racing

Xuv 500 racing, top speed

In India more people get killed in accident compare to natural
calamities but there is no stopping for these young bloods from deadly Racing
on busy Mumbai-Pune Expressway Highway and risking their others life too.

Well the busy Express highway was packed not only with cars
but with the heavy loaded Trucks also which raise the risk even high. Thank god
there were no loss or harm happened in this race eventually both the cars were
cruising at a speed of more than 190Km/hr.

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You can image the risk involved in it by looking at a video
at a point Mercedes almost touched the rear ends of a Hyundai i20 while XUV 500
has taken the sharp turn to doge the i20. Further we let Tyres do the talking
for you all 

It sad to see such behavior drawing positive reactions when
posted on social media. But what more shocking is the Result the being more
powerful than XUV 500 Mercedes eat the dust in this race while 140 PS strong
2.2-litre diesel engine XUV 500 top the speeds nearing 200 km/h. Kudos! We
don’t praise this type of racing in busy highway risking yours and other life.

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