7 Hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks You’ll wish you knew about all along

WhatsApp play very crucial role in our day to day life while
it is the most essential part of our life and being the first thing which we check
in morning when we wake up from sleep. There are a lot features that users
aren’t aware of. We have combined some of hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks especially
for you.

1. Popup Notifications when Screen Off: There are times when
your smartphone is locked and when you receive a WhatsApp message, you have to
unlock it all the times. However, WhatsApp has a provision to alert and show
you the messages even when the screen is off. You can read and reply to
messages even without unlocking your phone. To activate, head over to Settings
> Notifications > Popup Notifications > Only When Screen Off.
2. Pin Shortcut for Contacts: After installing WhatsApp on your
smartphone, you can always add the app shortcut on the homescreen. But if you
have a few contacts with whom you chat on a constant basis, you can pin contact
shortcuts on the homescreen too. In the app, just tap and hold on the contact,
then tap on the first option that says ‘add chat shortcut.’ With the contact
now on your homescreen, you can quickly chat with that contact without having
to open the app.
3. Auto Download Media: We share a lot of media on WhatsApp,
right from photos to audio clips and videos. At times, WhatsApp automatically
downloads these media files, consuming your mobile data. But, you can now
control the type of data the app downloads by default. You can either set to
download all on mobile data, download only when on Wi-Fi or only download the
media when you tap on it. For this, tap on three dots on top right corner, head
over to Settings > Chats and Calls > Media auto-download.

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4. Chat Notifications on Web: There are times when your phone
is away from your desk and you don’t want to miss out on your WhatsApp notifications.
At such times, you can use a free Chrome extension called WAToolKit which
enables you to receive notifications on your desktop or laptop. However, to be
able to respond to chats, you’ll need WhatsApp Web feature.
5. Hide your Identity: Similar to other social media accounts,
WhatsApp lets users to view your status and profile photo. However, if you want
to hide your identity, you can go to Settings > Account > Privacy. Here
you can either let no one, everyone or only friends see your last seen, profile
photo and stat
6. Customize Notifications: Just like you customize your phone
ringtone for all calls and particular contacts, you can do the same on WhatsApp
too. Head over to Settings > Notifications and select the one based on your
needs. You can set different notification tones for your individual messages
and group notifications.
7. Data Usage: We receive a lot of messages, photos and videos
on WhatsApp, but it’s often difficult to keep a tab on the amount of mobile
data it consumes. Luckily, the app does let you see the total amount of data
consumption both, be it media size, number of texts, calls and much more. To
check this, head over to Settings > Account > Network Usage.
Via – Bgr.in

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