Bajaj New ‘V’ range Bike teased to be manufactured by scrapped metal of INS Vikrant

Bajaj New ‘V’ Bike, details, price

Bajaj took the initiative of Congratulating Republic day in
style by officially teasing their new and upcoming range of ‘V’ branded
motorcycles. The bike named ‘V’ is special and has the essential element of
Indian history that because it has been built from the metal of the Indian
warship INS Vikrant which was used during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Actually the steel that is used in making of the new bike is
obtained from melting the scraped metal of INS Vikrant. If we dig into our
history book, INS Vikrant was the first ever aircraft carrier of Indian navy
and was the hero of 1971 Indo-Pak War! INS Vikrant was commissioned into
British Navy as HMS Hercules, but the World War II ended before her completion.
So, they kept her construction on hold until India bought it in 1957. She was
commissioned into Indian Navy as INS Vikrant. Vikrant in Hindi means ‘courageous’ or ‘bold’. She then served the country for decades and played a
decisive role in the 1971 war. She was finally decommissioned from Indian Navy
in 1997 and was supposed to be converted into a museum, but the Indian Navy
expressed its inability to maintain it as a museum and the INS Vikrant was
finally scraped in 2014.

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So what Bajaj did here, they bought that scraped metal and
melted it and gave it the shape of an all new motorcycle, which will be “rebirth
of INS Vikrant” and  will be known as
Bajaj V.
As per the Motorcycle, it is going to be a 150 cc machine
that will sit somewhere between the Discover & Pulsar brands. Overall, the
Bajaj V Brand seems to have a vintage touch to it in terms of design whereas
the mechanicals are modern. A disc brake can be seen at the front so can the

The decommissioned aircraft carrier’s metal will, however,
only last for the next couple of years into manufacturing the motorcycle. So
the New ‘V’ Motorcycle can be in limited no or will commenced an update after
two years, or be discontinued anything can be happen. More details of the V
Brand will be available closer to the launch itself which is on the 1st of next
month. While we assume it could be priced about Rs 65,000

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