Huawei is said to be working on Dual OS Hybrid Laptop with Stylus

Huawei seriously knows how to trend among the technology Enthusiastic
people. Huawei is gearing to launch a large screen tablet with stylus and wait
there is more into it a kind Hybrid Laptop, and with Dual boot Android+Window. That seems pretty interesting
when you start imagining it. 

Huawei is reported to be working on a hybrid laptop PC which
means that it can be used as a tablet and with a detachable keyboard, it can be
used as a standard laptop as well, its looks like they are inspired by
Microsoft surface pro.  

What’s missing in the Microsoft Surface pro you will find it
here, Huawei Laptop is a hybrid PC that will feature dual OS capabilities which
mean that a user can use both Android OS with EMUI and Windows 10 as well.

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Huawei is said to feature an Intel processor on 12inch HD Display.
Huawei are working on a transforming tablet with detachable keyboard as you can
see in the images. You can also see the front of the tablet appears to show
dual speakers along the ‘bottom edge’ and a front facing camera for video
Huawei looks to be setting a benchmark infront of their
Rival Xiaomi who is also working on a Laptop PC but with this Huawei Hybrid PC will
surely bring lot of trouble for Xiaomi in future. While if you ask for the
price then it will be surely above Rs 60,000 ($1000) will be making out for US

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