WhatsApp preparing to share your personal data with Facebook soon

WhatsApp personel details leak

Facebook, the biggest social media giant who had recently acquired another social giant Whatsapp messaging service back in 2014 and after that nothing much has changed at the popular messaging service but now thing are going to take a dramatically turn as WhatsApp might soon start sharing your personal data with Facebook.

With WhatsApp’s next update, some users have already found some new hidden features in Whatsapp. Javier Santos has revealed a new option to share WhatsApp account info with the primary Facebook service. As per the details shared by tech fan, account details will be shared in order to get better my Facebook experiences.
Here you can  consider it as one of the Facebook Smart strategies while dropping WhatsApp annual subscription charge, maybe Facebook is searching for extra data with which enhance the advertisements that it displays in its primary social media app?

Moreover, there also appears to be a new end-to-end encryption alternative than can be made to turn up under the security tab. There’s a choice to toggle security indicators for users who wish to see to it that they’re conversations are protected. QR codes can also apparently be used in order to verify encryption elements with your contacts. According to a separate file, there’s a file sharing function on the method as well, total with a brand-new UI tab to help handle your received files.

WhatsApp says “starting this year, we will test tools that
permit you to use WhatsApp to converse with businesses companies that you want
to know about.”

The kind of information will be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook could be yours contacts, chats or calls but still it’s not clear yet. There’s also a new Documents section where you’ll be able to find all of the files you receive from your WhatsApp contacts. So what’s your thought on this is Facebook mean regarding privacy?

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