Elephone W2 Classic Smartwatch comes with 3 months battery life

The W2 Smartwatch is Elephone’s second entry into the world
of smart wearables. The smartwatch offers a budget-friendly fitness tracker
hidden inside a premium looking traditional watch for around $70. It looks like
a classic watch and it suits many occasions, business, school and so on.

The Elephone W2 connects to smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0
and also is compatible with a downloadable app. Elephone W2’s comes built-in
pedometer and sleep sensors, so you can track your steps made and also monitor
your sleep patterns and duration.

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The battery inside is one which is said to offer up to three
months of usage in between charges. So this will be ideal for those who prefer
a longer lasting level of usage, without having to worry about finding a power
outlet. This is also a smartwatch which comes with an IP53 rating for water
resistance. As such, the Elephone W2 is protected against dust and water

The W2 comes in two different models either silver or gold
which both have slightly different designs, it uses stainless steel for the
watch encasement and comes with a leather strap. Elephone W2 smartwatch which you
can buy from GearBest for only $79.99 additionally you can use! Coupon code: GBELE for
10$ Discount that make the final price of $69,99

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