Google Engineer Builds his own Android-Powered futuristic Bathroom Mirror

Google Engineers are very much ahead then their time and
this thing has again proven by Max Braun, an engineer at Google who believe in
himself and  took it upon himself to build
a smart mirror of his own rather depending upon other big companies.

The mirror displays information such as the time, weather
forecast, and latest news headlines in a clean, minimalist UI. It’s still a
work in progress, and Braun is still experimenting with adding other things
like traffic conditions and reminders. The display itself isn’t interactive,
but that’s not really the point: Braun says the idea is for the mirror to
automatically pull relevant data in the same way that Google Now does. For
anything else, there’s always voice search.
According to Braun, he wasn’t desperate to create one, but
he built one because he had the know-how on how to make it work. He wanted to
create a bathroom mirror which could function “like the future promised in

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The setup is surprisingly simple: aside from a fancy two-way
mirror, it’s just a regular display, a controller board, a power button, and a
Fire Stick. The mirror itself is the most expensive part (depending upon how large the mirror is)

The UI Braun used for his smart mirror has some hundred
lines of code using Android APIs. To avoid distraction, the text is kept
monochrome, and to run the UI, he has used devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV as
well as Google’s Nexus Player and Chromecast as hardware. After setting up
everything, the mirror shows different pieces of information right from time
and date to weather forecast and news headlines.
Well, Braun all we can
say that it’s one of the best-looking ones we’ve seen yet, and I
wouldn’t mind having one myself and nor our readers too.

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