Apple iPhone 5SE in retail box leaks, launch to happen on 22nd March

The 4-inch iPhone is in real, and it won’t be named as the
“iPhone 6c” or “iPhone SE”. This is what these leaked
photos of Apple 4-inch iPhone in its retail packaging are telling us. The
retails packaging of new 4-inch iPhone tell us the other side of the story.

This latest 4-inch iPhone spotting alleges to show the
upcoming handheld in the flesh inside its retail box, as well as the packaging
by itself, with a 6s-like fishy wallpaper adding a bit of credence to the
Inside the box, we see a handset that basically took the
best of both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6s’ designs. It’s covered in curved
glass and features a TouchID home button. In a bright blue hue, though it’s of
course possible Apple is experimenting with revised color schemes and combinations.

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Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone will come with an NFC chip for
Apple Pay functionality, the same A9 processor Apple introduced with its iPhone
6s models, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. One will come with 16GB of
internal storage, the other will feature 64GB of storage.

Apple iPhone 5SE said to feature a 12-megapixel rear camera,
with Live Photos support and 4K video recording in the realm of possibility.
Its battery capacity is 1,642 mAh.
The iPhone 5SE is rumored to launch with at least three
color options – Gray, Silver, and Gold – with the possibility of Pink in place
of the charming Rose Gold color. The handset will be priced between $450 to
$500. Sites such as Macrumors have also stated that the iPhone 5s won’t
disappear with the launch of the iPhone 5SE, and will be sold by Apple at half
the price. The iPhone 5s is currently selling at $450, which means it may be
discounted to $225 after the iPhone 5SE’s release.
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