Enable the Galaxy S7 ‘Always On’ display on any Android device

Samsung Galaxy comes with ton of new features but the feature
that grabs most eye-ball was always on display. The display shows a clock, and
some important notification information.

Previously, to see the date and time it was necessary to
switch on the phone, many times a day just to turn on screen viewing time. This
makes phone battery quickly dry-off. The idea behind Always on Display is that
you’ll be using the breathing notification instead of constantly waking your
phone, which means your phone can stay in a low-power mode to deliver you this

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All you need is this app. Power consumption isn’t likely to
be an issue with this app as it’s hardly consume phone battery juice while doing
its job. In many ways, Always-On is the natural evolution of existing display
The video below will guide you through the setup and
settings of the app. Further you can download the Always on Display app from
Playstore (Link) Do tell us in comment your experience with this app

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