Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S in Camera Test; We have a new hero?

Samsung and Apple are two of the most iconic smartphone
manufacturers in the world, both of these companies have the potential to write
down their story of new age technologies ever since Samsung has upgrade its
Samsung Galaxy series with Galaxy S7 and soon Apple will emits light on their
New iPhone 7 and their flagship phones will be compared each year with every
new release to find out who is the best among them.

The battle between them gets to another level, as a new
video comparison between the two aforementioned devices aims to show which one
of the two flagships has a better camera setup.
iPhones have always been held in high regard for their
high-quality cameras. In the past, one could have argued that Apple’s iPhones
have the best smartphone cameras around, but nowadays the situation is very

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The Videos shows us iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
side-by-side in a camera competition. Before we begun we would like to tell you
both the Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 6S have 12-megapixel cameras, megapixel
is not a crucial thing which make a difference in a photography. In low-light
conditions, Samsung’s flagship does a better job than the iPhone 6S, producing
higher quality, less-noisy images and prove to be have better focusing Structure
than iPhone 6s. 

It’s also worth pointing out that both the front and
rear-facing shooters on the Galaxy S7 Edge have a wider angle, which can come
in handy especially when capturing group photos / selfies

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