Xiaomi Redmi 3 won’t be launching in India anytime soon

As promised Xiaomi has launched Redmi Note 3 recently in
India, bringing back all joy of their fans which were lost from previous year. With
the launch of Redmi Note 3 something left behind or might something we have
forgotten and some question remain unanswered, thing which Xiaomi left behind
is Redmi 3 the unsung hero but we have some news about it…..

Redmi Note 3 and Xiaomi Mi 5 has totally outshine the Redmi
3 and its importance in Indian market. While the news about Redmi 3 is totally disappointing,
The news comes straight from Xiaomi’s vice president for global operations Hugo
Barra that Redmi 3 phone will not be coming to India anytime soon. In fact,
there’s even a possibility that Xiaomi may not launch the Redmi 3 in India, at
Hugo said that during a round-table teardown session of the
Redmi Note 3 in New Delhi that launching the Redmi 3 now would collide with the
Redmi Note 3 and the company wouldn’t want that. We really like to launch one
device at a time, that’s why we decided that we were going to bring the Redmi
Note 3 to India not bring the Redmi 3, at least for the time being,” Hugo

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The company however wants to stick with its philosophy of
trying to bring its products to India as soon as possible, which could mean the
Redmi 3 may not come to India at all.

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“If we were to stick with our philosophy of trying to
bring our products to India as soon as possible, then perhaps it is best to
just focus on one device for now, and kind of not bring the device even later
because at that point it may not be (as relevant). Of course, we are going to
be refreshing it with (new) processors, so on and so forth. So there may be an
opportunity later to maybe bring a newer version of that product,” Hugo
So basically it’s not at all disappointing news as Xiaomi might
introduce a revamp version of Redmi 3 even better than predecessor with Finger
print Scanner on it for the same price. So you never know what’s up to with
Xiaomi while this year will be crucial for Xiaomi as India point of view. For more
update on this new like Redmi 3 FB page

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