Xiaomi New Device ‘Max’ is going to be Hugee with 6.4 inch long Display

Xiaomi doesn’t seems stopping here nor they are in mood of
relaxing even after the launch of much awaited Xiaomi Mi 5 and they even
introduced it in India soon after the launch in China and now they are
preparing for huge surprise for their fans or I say “Max” surprise.

 Xiaomi are working on
a few products, which has just been named the Xiaomi Max through a user poll,
and could be the largest Xiaomi Smartphone to date! According to new reports, Xiaomi
will be bringing not one, but two devices, one of which will be equipped with a
dual camera setup.
Xiaomi has confirmed the large screen phablet from the
company will be called as the Xiaomi Max, the name had been chosen though out
the polls in Xiaomi forums. 

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According to rumors, the phone will feature a 6.4-inch
display. The phone will be made out of metal and the powerful Snapdragon 820
will be inside. Other rumoured features include support for global 4G LTE and
fingerprint ID.
While we have another though as Mi Note was not so successful
so the new phablet can be fitted in mid-segment with Helio x20 rather than
SD820 and Dual camera setup at the rear and large size battery without the
drama of Hybrid sim slot! And can be price at Rs 15,000 ($227) Share your
thoughts in comment section and let us know what you thing about the new Mi Max.

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