ASUS Zenbo your’s friendly Smart little Robot Companion for Life

Asus has launched its much awaited Zenfone 3 series today
but all the limelight taken by the the Asus little bunny Robot “Zenbo” who
wants to be your little Companion. We can say that the star of the night was
the Asus Zenbo robot in whole press conference.  

ASUS Zenbo arose from Chairman Jonney Shih’s ambition to
enable robotic computing for every household. Zenbo is a friendly and capable
home robot designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to
families and meant to address the needs of each family member in this
ubiquitous computing era. With a full range of capabilities, including the
ability to move independently and understand spoken commands, Zenbo can assist
in the home and interacting with him is easy and fun.
Zenbo reminds me about the “Weebo” Robot from the movie
Flubber but the thing is it won’t fly though the air. The ASUS Zenbo is best
described as a home robot / assistant, security guard, hands-free kitchen
assistant and family photographer. Zenbo is a friendly companion who helps to
bridge the digital divide between generations by making it easy to accomplish a
variety of online tasks — including making video calls, using social media,
shopping, and streaming movies and TV shows — using voice commands and guided
Zenbo is also a fun and educational playmate for kids who entertain
them with interactive stories and learning games that foster their creativity
and logical thinking skills. With his high-quality, built-in stereo sound
system, Zenbo can play children’s favorite songs and even dance along to the
music, making for fun playtime activity. Zenbo is also an expert storyteller
who keeps children entertained during the day and helps them fall asleep at
night and it even blushes. 

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The ASUS Zenbo is capable of moving on its own, and also
takes voice commands pretty well. You can basically tell him where to go, and
he will obey without a problem. Zenbo’s face also serves as a touchscreen, this
little robot will be able to patch through video calls, while you’ll also be
able to surf by using his face, and do all kinds of other stuff. When
homeowners are away, Zenbo provides peace of mind that their home is safe by
acting as a remote-controlled home security camera that is accessible from
anywhere via an intuitive smartphone app.

Zenbo supports a growing number of custom apps that expand
his capabilities and bring new features to users. Naturally, ASUS is promoting
a Zenbo developer program, with access to the bot’s SDK and more information to
help birth apps. Once ASUS decides to release this robot, it will cost $599 (Rs
40,000), which is not all that expensive for such Amazing product. What say
about it? Are you impressed share your though in comment. 

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