Is it the end of Invitation System with the coming OnePlus 3 launch?

As the OnePlus 3 slowly heading towards its launch, more &
more details are emerging. With OnePlus 3 launch people are still more
considered about its invite system as Oneplus adopted an invitation system to
manage to meet demand for its first model. Will the invitation system return back with OnePlus 3 we don’t think so,
Read it out….

This strategy is very old is being used with OnePlus 2 and
OnePlus X caused dissatisfaction among many customers who wanted to get their
hands on one of them as soon as possible due to invitation system. So about 4
months back, Carl Pei, the CEO of the company had mentioned that buyers would
be treated to a “better buying process” with the OnePlus 3, this might be the
end of Invitation System.

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Now on Twitter, Pei mockingly teases, “Who’s looking forward
to invites making a comeback?”
Pei also turns to Twitter with what could easily be a
comment about the OnePlus 3’s build quality, noting, “This feels much better in
the hand than the OnePlus One!”
The smooth metallic design we’ve seen in
numerous leaks sure looks like it would make for a premium-feeling handset
Here’s hoping Pei continues with the OnePlus 3 teasers over
the next few weeks, helping to further flesh out our expectations for the

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