Nokia is coming back: Here 3 things Nokia should consider before re-entering

Nokia the brand you might be missing it from long time and
want to hear more & more about it as you might be emotionally attached with
this brand. Well I remember clearly my first Mobile phone comes from Nokia
brand 3310 and it’s not so technical feature were more than enough to excite me
all. Now Nokia is coming back and this time with Technical & improvise
Android on it which is enough to put smile on everybody faces.

Nokia is coming back and will start selling smartphones, feature-phones
and tablet devices just like in previous days with a help of newly founded
company called HMD Global which has purchased global licence from Microsoft to
make and sell Nokia branded devices. HMD Global is based in Finland and is lead
by ex-Nokia veteran, Arto Nummela.
The new Nokia smartphones / tablets will be running latest
Android OS. As per the company there is a lot of work for HMD and it is going
to take time. Nokia Technologies will give all its branding and other cellular
patents to HMD Global and in return get royalty money. This agreement will last
10 years and HMD Global will focus mainly on feature-phones, as that has been
Nokia’s most profitable business.
Here are the 3 things Nokia should consider before re-entering

  1. Provide a pure Android experience – In presence of so
    many Android smartphone options at all price points. With the re-entry, Nokia
    should target to provide pure Android experience while adding some of its
    popular features from its existing apps library. Nokia’s device design
    capability coupled with the leading OS ecosystem will give a compelling reason
    for smartphone users to consider Nokia
  2. Rebuild its existing distribution network – Nokia
    should start rebuilding its distribution network with its old partners.
    Reviving the relationship with erstwhile distributors and network operators and
    bringing them back to the fold will be crucial to the reentry.
  3. Leverage the edge of Foxconn – This is a second chance for
    “Nokia” brand, however comes at a time when the mobile phone market is
    hyper competitive. Foxconn
    has tactical advantage of being a leader in device manufacturing. This new
    alliance should leverage Foxconn’s core competency of great build in designs
    and ability to push the volume in the market to tackle the competition.
More Deatails on – Nokia official Website

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