Whoops! Google’s ‘Force Touch’ Won’t Be Ready for Android N

Apple user are already using “3D Touch” features on their
iPhone but the real question is when will Android users get this feature on
their smartphone, if you are thinking is same then you have to wait for long, the
feature won’t be ready for the Android N public release this fall.

Basically what Force Touch does is it uses pressure
sensitivity to see how hard you are pressing on the display and can do a
variety of things. Allowing you to have a few new features that are app-based.
For instance on the Meizu PRO 6, you can press on the settings icon and have
shortcuts to things like WiFi, Bluetooth, etc

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According to a report from Recode this morning, the feature
won’t be ready but it’ll probably come in a “maintenance update to the
Google hasn’t yet confirmed that this delay is happening,
and they likely won’t. However we may see it come in a maintenance update, or
it could be a headlining feature for Android O last year. Much like
multi-window was with Android N after appearing in Android M Developer Previews
last year.

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