Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality VR with Built-in Headphone

This is the Bobo VR Z4 and it does indeed have a fresh new
look and a much slimmer design to its older brothers the BOBOVR (Xiaozhai III),
II and I. But it’s all well and nice to look a little better over the years,
but what is under the hood that has been improved? Well, if you look at it
there has been some massive improvements for the better.

For the very first time (that we know of) it looks like a
mobile VR headset will have built-in headphones! The small, but vastly
different style might well give the Bobo VR Z4 the edge in the mobile VR world.
It is still early days for this headset so we will let you know more when we
get it.

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BOBOVR Z4 is the first Google Cardboard based smartphone
virtual reality headset that features integrated 3D surround sound headphones
and immersive 120º field of view. It will work with any 4-6″ iPhone, Android or
Windows smartphone together with a Google Cardboard compatible app or any app
that displays 2 screen, stereoscopic content. You can buy from below

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Bobo VR Z4

  1. Comes
    With Bluetooth Wireless Mouse gamepad
  2. Works
    With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Protects
    Against Phone Radiation
  4. Works
    With Smartphones 5″-5.7″
  5. Independent
    Pupil Adjustment
  6. Soft
    PU Leather Face Padding
  7. Adjustable
    Head Strap
  8. Adjustable
  9. Well
  10. Built-In

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