You Dont need to worry about Headphone Jack on New Apple iPhone 7 as the 3.5mm jack is still present

It’s a new day and a new leak for Apple iPhone 7, while this
leak comes with a relief. Numerous
reports have claimed that Apple could be ditching the 3.5mm audio jack in favor
of Lightning Port compatible headphones. But if a new set of leaked images are
to be believed, the headphone jack is not going anywhere, at least for the time

There are also chances for two variant of iPhone 7 one with
a 3.5mm and other gonna be nil. French website NoWhereElse has shared a photo that is apparently
the Lightning Cable assembly for the Apple iPhone 7. A side-by-side comparison
shows that the assembly on the upcoming iPhone is quite different from what we
see on the iPhone 6s. But take a look at the left-most section and the one
part that is clearly visible, despite numerous rumors, is the 3.5mm audio jack.
The authenticity of this image is still questionable. Another
report also claims that Apple is developing a pair of EarPods that will connect
with the Lightning Port. 

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Another probable scenario could be that the iPhone 7 retains
the audio jack. But the iPhone 7 Plus, which is also expected to boast
dual-camera setup, could ditch it. These are however all mere speculations and
should be taken with the proverbial pinch of salt.
One of the plausible explanations for this design decision
is that Apple wants to reduce the size of the iPhone in the future. Such a move
would be possible by removing the screen and the headphone jack, but without
reducing the iPhone’s screen size.

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