Apple might ditch 16GB and 64GB Storage Option for iPhone 7 Series and could flaunt a bigger battery

As per new report claiming that Apple would ditch 16GB Model
from Now on which is very good step from Apple considering the fact that low
storage was the biggest headache for iPhone users as it tend to fill in no time
and with 4K Recording is quite difficult to handle the free space.

Apple iPhone 7 will ship with at least 32GB base storage,
with Apple dropping the infamous 16GB model, research firm TrendForce adds that
the mid-tier 64GB storage option may be replaced with 128GB alongside a new
256GB version at the high end of the lineup.

Apple is likely to make changes to the storage options for
iPhone 7. The 64GB version, which has been the most popular option in previous
generations, may be discontinued and replaced by the 128GB version, though this
decision has yet to be finalized. On the other hand, Apple is certain to raise
the maximum storage option to 256GB so that iPhone 7 will have the highest NAND
Flash density of the entire series

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So its clear that the new storage options would be 32GB,
128GB, and 256GB. If we look current storage options for both the iPhone 6s and
iPhone 6s Plus include 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB, but could that mean the iPhone 7
will become more expensive we think so.
Earlier this year, Chinese website MyDrivers said the iPhone
7 Plus may exclusively feature 256GB storage and a 12.7 percent larger 3,100
mAh battery. It’s good to see that Apple is quite serious about removing two
biggest flaws from iPhone which is its Small Storage and its weak Battery. Share
your though in comment would you welcome this step from Apple.  

Source – Macrumors