Damm Awesome! The Amazing Half Life 2 City Scanner Comes to Life

When you thought that Drones are pretty boring and worst
design machine that ever built by humans then it’s a good time to give this
thought a another shot that because real City Scanner Drone from Half-Life 2 is
here that look like to be a part of Science-fiction movie.

A Russian named Valentin Demchenko already made a working
City Scanner. It is made from scratch in a life-size copy of the drone City
Scanner of computer game Half-Life 2. The length is 80 cm, height 55 cm. The
base frame for quadrocopters scheme is made of carbon fiber Profile 15X15 mm
frame size 39 cm. Weight: 1771 g. Flight time 11 minutes. The main materials
used are: carbon fiber (carbon), expanded polystyrene. Flight Controller DJI
Naza-M Lite without gps, motors AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter Motor, Afro
ESC 30Amp, three-bladed screws 9 “Battery: 3300mAh 4S 30C.

He did two months, not regularly, at home. Stable flies,
almost like quadrocopters classical scheme, but still fly better in the absence
of wind.

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City Scanners were the menacing drones that patrolled
Half-Life 2’s setting of City 17, keeping watch on its citizens to make sure
they don’t step out of line. Down they’d swoop from surrounding buildings with
their cameras and flashlights, and protagonist Gordon Freeman would swat them
with his crowbar as they ventured too close to his immaculately trimmed beard.

Although the heavily-augmented drone won’t be searing
corneas or sending Combine soldiers to chase anyone down, it does have the
glowing red iris, floodlight, and articulated armor plates of its fictional
counterpart. It’s so damn cool, and Kudos to the maker Valplushka for not only
building this thing IRL but for also finding some great abandoned spaces and
field settings in which to stage the video that really gives the City Scanner

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