Samsung to step in future with Foldable Smartphone coming up in MWC 2017

The Future is here, the future were Smartphone can turn into
tablet instantly with the help of Foldable Screen were watching movies can get
even better and were you get all the features and option or your favorite apps
under one screen. Samsung is in the final stage of bringing the change by developing
commercial devices with foldable screens.

According to a Bloomberg report, the company looking to
unveil two smartphones with flexible displays at the Mobile World Congress in
Barcelona in 2017. These smartphones wouldn’t be a part of the Galaxy S Series,
and have so far been codenamed Project Valley.
One model is said to fold in half, making the smartphone
more compact and pocket friendly. The other one is said to sport a 5-inch
display, but will have the capacity to unfurl into an 8-inch (tablet) display
panel as well the Galaxy S Series, and have so far been codenamed Project

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The folding devices may launch as soon as early 2017,
potentially at MWC 2017 Barcelona in February. The timeframe isn’t set in stone
A number of patent applications provide clues about the
avenues that Samsung is exploring with flexible display products, including
wallet-style folding phones or tablets that can be rolled up into a tube.

Folding devices could be a game-changer for Samsung and the
smartphone market as a whole. Clearly, it’s taking longer than expected to perfect
the technology behind those displays – and Samsung isn’t the only one that’s
been working on it. Could 2017 finally be the year that we see real-world
products with foldable screens available to buy?

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