The best of OnePlus 3 features that you might need to Know

The OnePlus 3 is now started making headlines worldwide as
soon as it’s got revealed. While the World is busy praising about it and Indian
are keep ignoring it, the OnePlus 3 sale is not going as expected to be,
yesterday its gone for the sale with the cold start and remain in the stocks
till now. You can blame to its weird pricing which is on higher side and we are
making effort to push this sale by showing hidden facts about new OnePlus 3.
Ambient display

Ambient display, mainly known as active notifications, the
OnePlus 3 has this much-sought-after feature. Simply wave your hand across the
proximity sensor at the top of the OnePlus 3 screen and your notifications will
appear in ghostly black and white. This energy-sipping feature has become a
staple of devices equipped with AMOLED screens and the OP3 isn’t one to be
left out.
Night Mode

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While Google has had numerous issues bringing a Dark Mode to
stock Android, OnePlus has had it for ages. But even if you’re already familiar
with OxygenOS, you may not know that OnePlus’ interface now gives you not only
a Dark Mode with customizable accent colors (which is surprisingly cool), but
on the OP3 you also get Night Mode. Night Mode throws an orangey cast over your
display to be easier on the eyes at night and allows you to dictate its
Dash Charge

The company opted to introduce its own “Dash Charge”
technology rather than the commonly used Quick Charge option from Qualcomm. The
OP3’s Dash Charge is actually just a rebranded version of OPPO’s excellent VOOC
fast charging standard. It uses a 4A current with the regular 5V voltage, so it
should stay a lot cooler than other fast-charging phones and it keeps working
at full capacity even when the screen is on. Just make sure you use the adapter
and cable in the box.
Camera shortcut

Well it is always helpful to quickly fire up the camera app
in the never before moment thankfully OnePlus 3 camera features a rapid-fire
shortcut: just double tap the home button from an on or off screen.


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