The New iPhone 7 ‘deep blue’ Concept adds another feather to its Design

So far iPhone lovers are not very much impressed with iPhone
7 leaks which shows up the unhealthy design compare to previous generation but
things are about to change very soon and as well as your view towards the new
iPhone 7 design as Apple is said to be replacing the Space Gray version of the
iPhone with a new blue one, and Hajek imagined what this color option might
look like.
The images feature the proposed iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
in blue, and it looks pretty outstanding. An accompanying comparison between
the gray iPhone 6s and the blue iPhone 7 also reveals some of the expected
design changes for this year’s new iPhone.
Apple is likely to remove the headphone jack in the iPhone
7, but whether or not the space will be filled with a second speaker is
contested. Some rumors suggest dual speakers for stereo audio, but others say
the iPhone 7 will continue to sport a single speaker. Inside, the iPhone 7 is
expected to have an A10 processor and 2GB RAM.
Hajek’s iPhone 7 Plus rendering shows the inclusion of a
much-rumored dual-lens camera with a protruding, pill-shaped enclosure, as
opposed to two separate circular camera openings depicted in some other online

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Make sure to check out Hajek’s
for the full selection of iPhone 7 concept images.

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