Cheating in Pokemon Go can Leads to Ban: Here’s what happens if you cheat?

Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm, with gamers of all ages joining in with the Pokemon catching fun and seeing that we have Introduce some beneficial tips and tricks regarding Pokemon Go in our previous article. Pokemon Go has been so successful that the Nintendo share price has improved appreciably.

If you’re thinking about pulling crazy stunts to collect Pokemon without running around like a crazy person, you should think twice about doing it. Yes, Nintendo has already begun banning Pokemon GO players who attempts to trick and cheat the software into believing that they are located somewhere else other than their actual location. And the software house has seemingly also built an amazing function into the software, which involves wild Pokemon running away from players who abuse the GPS system.

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According to be authoritative video game review IGN, cheating in Pokemon GO will result in a player being banned for approximately one hour. Those targeted include players who are GPS spoofing with rooted and jailbroken devices, but other tricks and software hacks which have been publicized on the Internet are also be outlawed.

Players who were dealt bans for using GPS spoofing hacks could no longer catch Pokemon, collect PokeStops, or battle/claim a gym. The players discovered that the Pokemon would just run away when hit with a PokeBall, rather than adding itself to their collection.

Bans can even run for as long as five hours, thus dissuading many cheaters from engaging in the hacks which have already been discovered. However, this proves that Niantic is paying close attention to those people bending the rules, and is working on appropriate consequences for these actions

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