Reliance Jio 90-Days free Preview offer now open for all 4G Smartphone: Here’s how to avail this offer?

Reliance Jio can possibly be a game changer with its
lucrative offers and price. As we have already covered Reliance Jio offers and their prices in our previous article, now we came much closer to the reality
with the official Reliance Jio 4G launch.

Its look like Reliance
has silently launched it Jio 4G service across India. Now the news comes from
the Jio users itself that they are now free to buy Jio 4G sim card for any 4G/VOLTE Device not only for LYF or Samsung Device
but for any device that supports 4G.

Pic Courtesy – XDA OT Group
Jio users have shared
their Happiness in Social Media for being the proud
owner of 4G Jio sim with 3 months free preview offer and free limited talk time offers
too. Now we come to the point,

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Here how can you
avail the Jio Offer?
  • First of all, you need
    to install the entire 11 Jio app from Playstore Official here (link all-in-one)
  • You need Documents like – Identity, Address Proof & 2 Photos, and your 4G device
  • Visit the nearest Jio
    store and ask for the sim. If there is waiting then you need to make an entry in the register and on the basics of it
    Token will be allotted.
  • Then Grab your sim and activate free jio sim.
NOTE – The Reliance Jio 4G Sim also available for iPhone
also and there is no need to generate bar code as previously was too. 
If store retailer don’t
give you free jio sim using any other 4g device then don’t worry, that store
might not got to know about the update. Wait
few more days or goto any other store and ask.

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