Reliance Jio now extends free 4G trial offer beyond 90 days for unlimited data

Reliance Jio has started sending messages to those who
availed its free 90 day preview offer
informing them that their preview offers are being extended.
The Message says, “As a special gesture, we have extended
our trial period. We will be auto-refilling your balance accordingly,” the
company said in an SMS sent to preview users.
This offer are particularly for the Early adopters of Lyf-Jio preview who had taken a connection in early
May had their unlimited offer validity end before its planned launch on August
15th. On account of this, Jio has done a
free recharge to extend all Lyf-Jio
preview offering expiring in August to extend validity till August 31st.

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Well, the Early
adopters would be getting around 10-30 days of extra free unlimited preview
offer on their Jio numbers depending on expiry of the current plan. That means that Reliance jio wont be officially launching
this August also. The unlimited 90 days preview offer was launched by Jio in May exclusive for Lyf phone buyers.
Under the Offer, Lyf buyers would get Jio connection with unlimited voice,
video, data and SMS benefits in addition to free subscription for 8 premium Jio apps.
Previously after running the Lyf-Jio unlimited preview offer for almost three months, Jio extended the offer for Samsung devices last
month. However, a bug in MyJio app allowed any android user to get the invite
code and avail the unlimited offer on any phone. Now the bug is fixed by
Reliance jio and its won’t be generating any further code for a non-implement smartphone anymore. Do tell us
did you receive free extension message? In our comment section

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