Reliance Jio to extend free 4G preview offer from 90 days to 1 Year exclusive for LYF Smartphone

Reliance Jio has been creating big waves in the market ever
since its free 4G preview offer started with unlimited free calls, data and SMS
for 90 days went official a few months back. Now the Reliance Jio free preview
has been extended for other 4G Smartphone as well other than LYF Smartphone.

But this Step from Reliance Jio can put brakes upon LYF
Smartphone Sale all over India. So Reliance Jio has come up with a unique solution
by extending 3 month free Jio preview offer to 1 year of complimentary free internet
exclusively with LYF Smartphone.
This offer is for existing as well as new buyers but before
you jump out with joy let me tell you that Reliance Jio has still not official
announced it you might see this offer taking place in coming days.

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It’s however worth noting that this exclusive Preview offer
for Lyf phone owners may not come with unlimited voice calls and SMS, that come
with the standard 3-month Preview offer. That said, Reliance may also cap the
data usage for this exclusive offer to 75GB/month, but still it more than
Reliance Lyf series of smartphones are being offered in a
wide range of prices starting from as low as Rs 2,999 to as high as Rs 20,000. The
new strategy seems to be a marketing technique from Reliance to boost the sales
of LYF smartphones. The popularity of LYF phones is steadily increasing.

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