Syllable D300 Wireless Bluetooth Sports handset Review – Its sound will grip you around

Syllable D300, Review, Verdict


The Technology changes drastically in past few years, there was a day when the life tangled around the wires whether it’s your phone, speakers or earphone etc but as years pass & technology rises the world is getting wire-free from Smartphone to their wireless charging then why not you get freedom from your tangled earphone and that’s why we are here to Introduced you to the New Syllable D300 Wireless earbuds.
In the box
Inside the box, you’ll find the D300 wireless headset, tangle free Data Cable along with 2 extra pieces of ear buds and a clip. It also comes with manuals but sadly there is no adopter given.
Design & Pairing
These headsets come with a small portion of tangle free wire that goes around your neck comfortably and is pretty much light weighted. My headset came with Yellow color, as per design is concerned the designers have aimed at runners and Sports enthusiasts person. These headsets are best suitable for Gym or running purpose and it comes with tentacle so it makes sure it fit in your ear perfectly and doesn’t come out easily.
I used the Redmi note 3 as a pairing device and it worked very fine and with MIUI user interference you can easily see the battery indicator of your D300 headset in the notification bar easily which is not possible in CM or Stock Android. Pairing for the first time can be difficult if you didn’t use manuals. All you have to do is press and hold the multifunctional key button until the built-in LED starts to alter between blue and red then you can find the “D300” name in your Bluetooth menu and then you are all set to go.


I have to say its pretty good not that bad in terms of performance. The Sound quality is good and loud enough while the bass is quite less but still good enough. I have mainly used D300 in my gym were the D300 sweet proof quality comes in handy, the earbuds come soft to your ears and washable. The battery backup is also quite decent enough – Checkout the video for D300 Battery & Whole Performance Review

Final Verdict

The D300 headset impressed me a lot with its unique design and inexpensive price tag. If you love sports then I am sure you’ll love the Syllable D300 headset. Overall the build quality could be much better but looking at price you can’t ask more. It comes with decent battery life, good sound quality, music adjustment, calling feature you couldn’t ask for more at the price of $12 but you can have some fun with more color including Red, pink, orange Yellow, blue, etc. Its perfect for your daily use, you can buy it from below as per you country and also checkout their other D900s headset. 
Rating : 3.5


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