Reliance Jio 4G: Here How to fix Slow Speed & regular problems in Jio Sim?

Reliance has already got more mileage out of Jio 4G than any
other telecom operator has managed during a testing phase. The Ambani-owned
service has faced many launch delays but has finally rolling out from Sep 5

People have been thronging Reliance stores across the
country, just so that they can get their own Jio 4G SIM card. After Sep 5 longer
queues can be seen outside Reliance stores as Jio offer opens for all 4G
smartphone owners.
Reliance will soon launch e-KYC to make activation time
shorter. Some users who have managed to get their SIM cards activated have
complained of other issues such as call drops, network blackout and average
speed. While it is all technical and the Jio customer service team can fix them
for you, here are some instant fixes for the most common problems surrounding
# Make sure you have
installed all Jio apps

Another way is to download all the Jio related apps from
‘MyJio’ such as JioPlay, JioDemand, etc. Make sure you have downloaded all the
Jio related apps with your mobile data itself as it is important part of Jio
# Configure APN
setting manually and reboot

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Another way to fix
the speed issue is to set the APN manually. Go to Settings > Cellular
Networks > Access Points Names and delete the present APN in your smartphone
and set the APN manually. Set the APN name as you like and the the APN to
‘Jionet’. This might fix your speed capping issues.
# Don’t update your
Android OS

One more way to increase the speed on the Jio SIM is not to
update your Lyf smartphone if any software update arises. Software updates
might break some files and may bring some new issues as well.
# My phone’s not
VoLTE, but I want to make HD calls
Most phones are 4G LTE compatible, but do not support VoLTE,
which simply means you cannot make HD calls directly from the phone’s default
dialler. But if your phone is not VoLTE-ready, then download JioJoin app and
enjoy HD voice and video calls to any number around the world.

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