Smartphone and Kids – Whether to Give them or Not

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Just few years back, people were concerned about the right age for their kids to get hold of car keys. But, with a jet speed, time changed and parents are now worried about whether to give a smartphone to kids or not and if yes, then at what age should they give it.

This apprehension is only because smartphone is that device which gives access to almost entire globe in a virtual mode. This has a lot of benefit as children can drown in the deep ocean of internet world. But, then, there is a flip side of it as well. They could get access to some of the facts and details which might not be fit for their tender age. Hence, this becomes a debatable issue as some would consider knowing unwanted things as a part of learning phase and some would be protective enough for their kids and not want them to have access to smartphone too early.
In this contemporary world, we often see that kids get access or hold a smartphone from the age of 10 itself. Some experts consider 10 to 12 to too tender an age for kids while some feel it to be safe. So, how would we know the right age? To determine that, it is important to know parent’s views, advice of psychologists and other experts as well. There has been numerous researches on this topic and the result that came out was not too pleasing for the smartphone manufacturers. Here are the factors that could determine the right age for holding a smartphone.
Research: According to Ms. Weinberger, children get addicted to smartphone very quickly. Hence, it is important to understand the mental temperament of a child and determine the age for him to hold a smartphone. It is important for parents to give time to understand the child’s focus area, his area of interest and then think of giving him a smartphone. As children gain knowledge from various area through internet, it has both pros and cons of it. There are few educational apps as well which are truly beneficial for children to work on their projects and grab in knowledge. But, at tender age like 12 or 13 when kids slowly grow interest in sex, it is quite risky to hold a smartphone.
Hence, it stands that, it is all upon parents to determine the right time. However, a thorough research on their child’s behavior, activity, interest and temperament is essential for this.

Teaching Responsibility: The final decision of whether to give smartphone to kid and at what age is all upon parents. However, before doing that, it is essential to check put certain aspects. First of all, it is essential to give a normal phone to kid which has only call and sms features. Let your child hold an almost dumb phone for the time being. When he realizes the value of it in real sense, hand over a smartphone. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your child about values. There are ways to set limits for the betterment of your child. Limit is really important for your child’s growth. Restrict the features of his phone and limit it to only nominal use. It is not always necessary to give all that is available for use, a check from parent’s end as a teacher is important.

Parental Control: This is the main aspect for determining a child’s right age. Try to get something that has the feature of parental control Smartphone by Apple or Google often has it. This way you can have a check on their use pattern and keep your watch over it.
The right age for anything varies from person to person hence, it is very important for parents to judge their child and then hand over a smartphone to them. Even a right deed at a wrong time would reap disastrous result. Hence, think twice before handing over a smartphone to your kid. You be the judge of it and know his right age.
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