Transformer 5 Supercars Fleet also include new Lamborghini Centenario (aka Hot Rod), spotted in action

Michael Bay once again coming back but for the last time for
the popular Transformer Series – “Transformer: The Last Knight” and this time
it going to be Blockbuster as recently some of the movie’s Supercars were
spotted on a set in London.
YouTube channel TheTFJJ has a video that features a handful
of the cars set to appear, including Lamborghini’s new Centenario. The limited
edition supercar, which debuted at the 2016 Geneva auto show, is serving as the
vehicle mode of a new addition to the franchise, none other than Hot Rod.
We also spot the highly-modified Chevrolet Camaro of
Bumblebee and the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] Mustang police car of Barricade;
it looks like the two muscle cars will be involved in a chase through the
London streets in the new movie.

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What Surprises us the Aston Martin DB11 and McLaren 570S
will also appear, though director Michael Bay hasn’t mentioned if these two
cars are actually Transformers. He has confirmed a Mercedes-AMG GT R and
Western Star 4900 SF truck, though, respectively Drift and Onslaught. We also
know that a Western Star 5700 XE will serve as the famous blue and red truck of
Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

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