Apple seriously considering about major overhaul in next iPhone 8

Apple seriously looking for an Overhaul upgrade with the next iPhone 8 as the competition is rising not only from Samsung but from the likes of Chinese Giant Xiaomi which has made a future Concept phone and also made it
possible for its fans to buy.
A source told Nikkei that Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, has started to test wireless charging modules for inclusion in at least some versions of next year’s iPhone. So, basically the next iPhone 8 will ship with wireless charging, providing Apple can get the technology working in time.
Apple is also reportedly planning on an all-glass assembly for the iPhone 8, and possibly a switch to higher-contrast OLED displays.

The things can go worst if Apple decided to kill the Lightning port for Welcoming the new Wireless Charging technology and demonstrate it as a step to the future as this is nothing new because Apple has said same after killing the 3.5mm jack in iPhone 7 but this could be the first step for Apple building a complete wireless smartphone.
The chances are more of Apple killing the Lightning port after 3.5mm jack as that would also neatly dodge compatibility issues with its brand-new MacBook Pros, which don’t have any USB-A ports to allow you to connect your iPhone. What your thought on this?