Samsung announces new upgrade program for Galaxy Note 7 owners

Samsung came up with a new upgrade program for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who are keen on returning their handset. People are not very much pleased with the How Samsung has handled the Galaxy Note 7 recall, they also even said that any damage was done by faulty Galaxy Note 7 Samsung will not be held for giving any remuneration for the loss

Samsung is hoping to appease its customers with a new upgrade program under which the customers trading in their Galaxy Note7 unit for either a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge for a half the price of their new Galaxy, which can be paid for over a 12 month instalment plan, until they exchange (yet again) the replacement S7 for one of Galaxy S8 smartphone or a Note 8 next year.

Also included in the upgrade program is a 50% discount on LCD repair costs, that users would be able to avail twice. As per me, it won’t be appropriate to shell any cost on a replacement phone and why to shell half of the money on a replacement phone when you can get a new Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with the likes of Galaxy Note 7 launching tomorrow at the price of your replacement phone.
Open until November 30 this year, the upgrade program has currently only been announced for South Korea, and those who’ve already exchanged their Note7 unit for a Galaxy S7/S7 edge will also be eligible for it. Unfortunately nothing said about Samsung opening this option to the rest of the world.


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