Xiaomi unveils Small Smart Square camera for as little as $15

Xiaomi has
again came up with yet innovative and useful device and this time its too Small
but have biggest effect at your Home. Xiaomi has today launched a new smart
home camera in China that is called the ‘Little Square,’ that records at Full HD

The camera
which weighs just 100g is shaped like a cube measuring 5cm on all sides. The
camera sits on a base that can be propped up to increase its height or lowered
to flush with the body. The base can also be used to attach the cameras to
walls and ceilings.
The camera
has a 1/
2.7” CMOS sensor
records in FullHD and supports 8x digital zoom as well. The night vision
enhancement technology allows the camera to pick up objects from upto 9 meters
away. The IR-Cut dual filters help keeping the disturbing IR light away from
the sensor during the daytime.

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The camera
includes a 5V 1A that helps to power up the camera, and a Xiaomi powerbank can
help you keep the camera alive for almost 12 hours. The storage on the camera
includes 64 gigs of expandable storage with a microSD card, and even has a USB
2.0 port on the back. You can also charged it with the powerbank. 
For a wider
viewing angle on the camera, the user can stack up two Little Squares via a
magnetic base, with one on top of the other, giving a 180-degree super-wide
viewing angle. The camera is pretty useful in many things like  making YouTube videos you dont have to adjust angles all the time, monitoring your baby sleep pattern and when you are not in home it can detect motion and start up instantly and gets into taping unusual activity at your home, etc
The camera
is compatible with Android 4.0+ and iOS 7.0+. According to its crowdfunding
page, the camera is expected to start shipping from November 22, and interested
users can pledge their own $15 via the page here.

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