Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might Return back on Sale as a Refurbished unit


Interestingly, Samsung might not be ready to give up on selling the Galaxy Note 7, that’s what a new emerging report has to say. So that mean Samsung Note 7 Fire has still not Quench till now, there still some fire left from Samsung.

According to a report from South Korean outlet The Investor, Samsung might be contemplating selling refurbished Note 7 units starting from next year.

“Samsung has not made a final decision yet, but it will likely sell the refurbished Note 7 units next year,” an unidentified industry source told the site.

Samsung still clueless about why the first-gen Galaxy Note 7 exploded, and why the “fixed” units were still fire-prone. The report goes on to say that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units will hit emerging markets including India and Vietnam where low-end and mid-range handsets are popular. This seems to indicate Samsung is considering selling the phone for a lot less than its initial iPhone-grade price.

The Investor also state the existing stock could be destroyed to set another example. The site reminds us that in 1995, Samsung Electronics Chairman had 150,000 Anycall mobile phones destroyed to emphasize product quality to Samsung executives and employees.

The news leaves one wondering how Samsung will approach issues like the Galaxy Note 7 being banned on most airlines, or software support for the new units asynchronously from software updates for the old units meant to reduce functionality and encourage trade-ins.