Samsung is serious about making its own fingerprint Scanner


Samsung is one of the biggest players in the mobile industry but still its biggest problem is the reliability on others for the important components but now for tackling this problem, Samsung is keen on making its own fingerprint scanner in the future.

According to a report out of Korea (via SamMobile) that Samsung Electronics’ System LSI could be working on developing their own fingerprint sensor chips. Apparently, this has been in the works since last year and is apparently in the final stages of development, and come 2017 we could see Samsung commercialize it.

Samsung is said to be planning to use it in their low and mid-range smartphones, before moving onto their higher-end devices. Given that Samsung already makes a lot of their own components, like their Exynos chipsets, RAM, SSDs, and so on, making their own fingerprint sensor isn’t that much of a stretch.

The chips will eventually be sold to other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung already supplies all sorts of components including but not limited to display panels, processors, mobile RAMs, flash storage, and more.

Well for your Information, the Korean giant currently sources fingerprint sensors for its smartphones from Synaptics. This important step will help Samsung to bring down its cost of manufacturing to! DO tell us what you think about Samsung new plan in our comment section.

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