The Next iPhone could feature a dual-SIM card slots, new patent reveals


The long awaited dual-SIM cards functionality may finally be coming to iPhones soon. The Credit goes to the popular demand from Asian countries especially India and China were 90% smartphone sold are dual-SIM enabled. It allows users to have two different numbers — for personal and official use, without having to carry two different phones.

Apple may be considering making a special version of the upcoming iPhone with a dual SIM card option, according to recent patents filed in different countries. That means upcoming iPhone 8 may come in two Version one with Single-sim and other with Dual-sim capability.

According to Forbes, Documents filed with China’s State Intellectual Property Office describe a dual-SIM card feature. The details mentioned on the patent talk about the system, apparatus and the means for controlling access to different antennas with devices featuring multiple SIMs. The description also illustrates the use of two SIM cards and how the priority of SIM card is determined. For instance, if one SIM card is being used for making a phone call, it gets priority over the second SIM which is used for mobile data.

Apart from China, the report also points to a patent filing in the US. Notably, Apple has been granted dual-SIM functionality patent in the US last week. The patent describes the functionality as, “Some mobile devices have the capability of using multiple SIMs. Allowing users to maintain different wireless services, such as for business and personal use.”

The Dual-sim capability in future iPhone looks a bit sketchy at this moment, that because the company sells its devices in most countries in partnership with telecom carriers; the dual-SIM addition may put the company’s relation to risk with telecom carriers. There might be a chance that Apple may unveil a dual-SIM iPhone only in select markets including India and China where the majority of smartphones are sold with the dual-SIM functionality. What’s your take on this? Drop your comment bomb below

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