Nokia’s plans with Android OS and new games rumours


Nokia is the name which has its own legacy not only back in old days but today also when the word Nokia comes in your mind you get on the cloud of Dreams into 90’s where the phone were simple but comes with the elegant design and where phone battery doesn’t measure in hour’s but in days. Guess what the same old legacy is returning back once again! Nokia is returning.

Nokia had already confirmed to enter the Smartphone market by H1 2017 where it would take the heat from its old competitor Samsung, who will welcome Nokia with the toughest challenger which is non-other than premium Galaxy S8. As per your Information, Nokia will be selling its Smartphone’s with the help of a newly founded company called HMD Global, the company is based in Finland and is led by ex-Nokia veteran, Arto Nummela which has purchased a global license from Microsoft to make and sell Nokia-branded devices.

As technology marches on, the scope of industries affected by the Internet continues to expand so does the smartphone and online games industry.  You need to know that running online games on your smartphone does not require any hard configuration and most cover all categories of games, such as table games, card games, action games or even online casino games. As a side note, is worth mentioning that online casino games are gaining popularity since they are able to offer a real life experience and many users prefer to play online their favourite games like slots or online roulette.


Also, in 2017 we are going to witness other type of fabulous games for Android platform and Nokia fans should be prepared for all this.  On the popular adventure side we’ll have Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: A Tell-tale Game Series, the fighting segment will be covered by Transformers: Forged to Fight and on the strategy corner – Planet of Heroes and many more good news.

Is worth mentioning that Nokia has a great responsibility on them to deliver the same nostalgias feeling to their loyal fans like it used to give back in old days. To accomplish this, Nokia needs to provide a pure Android experience, rebuild its existing distribution network with its old partners and continue to experiment with the smartphone design like in old days it’s used to experiment with the phone.

I am sure if Nokia will use all these tactics and will gain a top market position and soon we’ll declare it a winner.