Passenger names their Wi-Fi hotspot ‘Galaxy Note 7’, which made a flight nearly grounded


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has created a lot of Buzz around this year and all that for the wrong reasons and at the end of this year, it seems like Note 7 still have the battery percentage leftover as it again making headlines even after the Samsung has pulled the plug off from it.

On Tuesday, a passenger attempted a prank that went horribly wrong in Virgin Airlines turning into long flight drama that almost turned into a full-blown 3 a.m. diversion.

According to BBC News, someone switched the name of their portable Wi-Fi hotspot to “Galaxy Note 7_1097,” which gave other passengers (and the flight’s crew) the impression that Samsung’s device was somewhere on the plane — and actively being used (just like someone switched on the bomb in mid-flight)

Quite naturally, this created a panic and resulted in numerous urgent announcements being made from the crew demanding that the owner of the Galaxy Note 7 report to them. After a few attempts, the captain of the flight warned the passengers that in the case of no one speaking up the flight would need to be diverted and land in Wyoming (which was far from the flight’s destination) for an emergency search if no one stepped forward.

Lucas Wojciechowski was on the disrupted flight and took a screenshot of the Note 7 SSID. I can’t speak for the accuracy of his transcriptions, but it certainly sounds like the crew wasn’t happy. “This isn’t a joke,” someone reportedly announced to the everyone on board. “We’re going to turn on the lights and search everyone’s bag until we find it.”

Luckily, there wasn’t a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard the plane. Someone just thought it’d be a good idea to name their Wi-Fi that and have fun.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officially banned by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). So, basically, you’d be committing a ‘crime’ sneaking in your Galaxy Note 7 by causing a threat to other people’s lives.

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