Samsung foldable Galaxy X device coming Next year with detachable camera lenses

Samsung Galaxy, foldable, X

You have recently seen Xiaomi Mi Mix the edge-less concept phone which being a concept phone Xiaomi made it available for the fans to buy it but if you think that it is the future then think again because Samsung is just ahead of its Time and their Competitors working on a Foldable Smartphone rather than an Edge-less Smartphone.

Samsung has been sharing concepts of foldable and rollable smartphones, and now a flurry of patent applications and rumors suggest the first models are coming very soon. A new patent has surfaced online, which shows a brand new design concept for a foldable handset, with bendable displays and what appears to be a detachable camera module.

As per the Gsmarena folks, the handset is made out of two distinct pieces, sandwiched together back to back. One appears to be completely covered in a display. The other part likely houses the actual internals of the device and is complete with an identical foldable segment. The latter holds what the drawings clearly mark as a home button.


When the device is not bent in any way, the front panel is all display, from edge to edge. The home button is left on the back side, where there is also a fixed camera in the upper left corner and a socket for attaching the external camera module. The other state of the handset entails the two parts to be slightly slided apart and then folded over. That places the home button underneath the display, where it typically resides, while the top portion of the panel ends up on the back side.

If we talk about the similarity between Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy Wing/X we get to see the Front camera below the Display not at the top as usual with others and Edge-to-Edge display as well as the onscreen navigation buttons too.

Bendable, foldable and rollable phones present technical hurdles. Not only does the screen itself have to move without breaking or wearing, but the stuff inside has to as well, or at least be placed in an area where it won’t get harmed. When’s the last time you saw a bendable battery?

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