Samsung Galaxy Note 7 soon going to be extinct, as Samsung Decide to remotely kill it in South Korea also


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still alive, according to the analysts there are 1,40,000 units of Galaxy Note 7 is active and working in South Korea and it is the only country with the lowest Galaxy Note 7 return rate, now Samsung allegedly be killing all units.

As you’ll all know, Samsung pushed a software update to all unlocked Galaxy Note 7 phones in Europe and US, which prevents it from registering with any operator network, and its battery from charging making it completely useless.

In South Korea, till now Samsung restricts the Galaxy Note 7 from charging above 60% while no further restrictions applied, but the things from now gonna change as to improve the return rate of the smartphone, a spokesperson from Samsung said that the company plans to push another software update that will restrict the use of the Note 7 even further.

“Samsung is considering to push the software update to the Note 7 in Korea that can limit the battery charge of the device as the exchange rate has exceeded 90 percent here”

Further on, the new restriction Update will likely hit SK Telecom units first, with other carriers, like KT and LG Uplus expected to follow soon. In addition, Samsung plans to extend the exchange program for the Galaxy Note 7 until the end of January 2017, as there are still many customers using the phone but remember participating after December 31 will be considered tardy and will not be getting any additional exchange benefits.

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