Spiderman got New Wings in his latest Homecoming Movie thanks to Tony Stark


A Spider-Man Homecoming trailer tease has just debuted online, making Spider-fans excited for the new series movie and it has also given the glimpse of new spiderman suit that got wings and made by the Tony Stark (aka Iron Man)

Marvel and Sony Pictures have just confirmed that we’ll see the very first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night, and they’ve released a few seconds of footage to get fans hyped up.

Homecoming is the second of six contracted appearances from Tom Holland as Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following his well-received pop-in for Captain America: Civil War.

In his first solo outing, Spider-Man will join forces with Avengers buddy Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) when Vulture (Michael Keaton), Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) and the Tinkerer (Michael Chernus) wreak havoc on New York City.


Here the suite that you will see spiderman wearing in the Spiderman: Homecoming Movie though its still not clear about the suit carrying by Vulture (Michael Keaton) in this movie.

While the short trailer teaser shows Peter Parker (Tom Holland) being chided by Tony Stark’s bodyguard Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) for larking around with headgear and jumping and gliding above the Helicopter wings, now that look like a fun task.

Starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr., and many others, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is directed by Jon Watts and will be released on July 7th 2017