[Update] Xiaomi rumored to launch twice the powerful Redmi Note 4X in India


As we have previously hinted you that Xiaomi is about to launch Redmi Note 4 in India and we are the first one who speculated that if not Helio X20 then it surely going to be Snapdragon 653 and we were right about it as the latest leak has marked our speculation true.

Yes, the new Redmi Note 4X basically Snapdragon Version will be equipped with Snapdragon 653, the 653 bumps up the CPU and GPU performance of the 652 while doubling addressable RAM from 4 to 8GB. The New Snapdragon 653, sport the company’s new Quick Charge 3.0 technology for 4x power delivery, as well as dual-camera support, adopted from the company’s 800 line of processors.

According to a report, Xiaomi is expected to launch Redmi Note 4X which will be more powerful than the current Redmi Note 4. The device will feature 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage with Snapdragon 653.

The good news is Redmi Note 4x will support quick charging which was missing in Redmi Note 3 and further we wish to see OLED Display on Note 4 which makes color so vivid even better than iPhone 7 and lower the battery consumption so your entertainment never stops.

This also makes little bit worried as then it pricing can go above Rs 15,000 for the 4GB Ram Variants, Xiaomi will likely to put it above Redmi Note 3, hence the Note 3 is so much popular and selling like a hot cake Xiaomi don’t want to bring any changes to it, particularly in Note 3 price.

Still, Redmi Note 4X is the Value for money device, it can be Dark Horse for Xiaomi in this New Year and might break all the benchmark previously set by Note 3. Do like the Redmi Note 4 Fb Page so you remain up-to-date about all the happening. Do tell us what you think about it in our comment section.


[UPDATE] – Recently, alleged live images of the device had been leaked as well, showing us the About Phone section of the device and confirming that the device runs of Snapdragon 653 processor coupled with 4GB Ram and 64GB native storage MIUI 8.1 on the top with Android 6.0

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