Google is reportedly working on ‘Budget’ model dubbed as ‘Pixel 2B’


Google Pixel 2 is expected to get waterproofing and will be more expensive than the first Gen Pixel but eventually, Google is also working on the budget Pixel 2B. The first Gen Pixel is already overpriced comparing to Nexus line-up, so here the budget “Pixel” makes sense.

Citing an undisclosed but reliable source, 9to5Google reports the Big G has set its sights on bringing a bundle of enhancements to its second-generation Pixel as well as a modest ‘budget’ model of the flagship device, aimed at “emerging markets.”

According to the leaked details which include a note that Google is making a few prototypes, including a budget “Pixel 2B” version that’s being tested with different chipsets – some including Qualcomm and Intel or even a Google-developed “custom chipset” if it’ll get ready in time- and ya less powerful hardware.

Google-developed “custom chipset” has been reported to be introduced with New Pixel. The budget model, codenamed ‘Pixel 2B,’ will come with slightly less powerful hardware specs and will likely start shipping shortly after the release of its higher-end counterpart.

Unfortunately, a Pixel with more advanced specs could lead to a price increase by “at least” $50. Google’s flagship is already fairly expensive—$649 for the cheapest model—so the base price could be raised to $700 on the low end. As per budget Pixel, don’t expect to be cheap eventually its price might fall down equally to Nexus line up about $480.

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